Wuhan Relief Aid捐赠支出情况公示

March 12, 2020

|San Francisco|


感谢您对抗疫救灾专项的关注与支持!自2月8日,北京大学教育基金会(美国)启动抗疫救灾(Wuhan Relief Aid)专项筹款项目以来,截至美国当地时间2020年3月12日,已收到58笔捐款,总计280,439.44美元。在此谨向各位致以崇高的敬意和诚挚的感谢!






Thank You for Your Generous Support to Wuhan Relief Aid

Dear alumni and friends,

Since we launched Wuhan Relief Aid on February 8, 2020, we have received 58 gifts, totally $280,439.44 to support the fight against the epidemic. We would like to thank you all for your generous support and help in this time of need.

According to the intent of donors, $ 61,367.60 of the donations was granted to Beida Houston Alumni Association to use for purchasing medical supplies, including masks, protective clothing and medical gloves, etc. The grant was made on February 18, 2020 (note: since the second grant of $94,458.60 is not spent, Beida Houston Alumni Association repaid it on March 9, 2020.) The remaining contributions is $ 219,071.84, which will be used to provide assistance to Peking University medical staff and their family members, offer aid for low-income students affected by the epidemic, etc. For detailed information about the supplies purchased, please kindly refer to the above list. 

For detailed information about the medical supplies Beida Houston Alumni Association (BAA) purchased with the funds so far, please kindly refer to the above list. 

We would like to express our deepest appreciation to all of the health workers who have been fighting on the frontline and to all who have been contributing to this effort. Thank you!




Wuhan Relief Aid专项捐赠明细公示

同舟共济、共克时艰: 北京大学教育基金会(美国)启动抗疫救灾专项计划


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