Imperial University of Peking (predecessor of Peking University) stipulated in its first charter that the university should “pay equal attention to Chinese and western culture”, “cultivate extraordinary talents”, and “expect men of talent could jointly solve difficulties of the times”. Over one hundred and ten years, Peking University has been taking the cultivation of talents as the core mission, and devoting to cultivating highly qualified talents with high degree of social responsibility, innovative spirit and practical ability, wide international vision, and leading role in all walks of life.

Each year, thousands of elite students from China and abroad in different economic backgrounds would come to Peking University. The multi-culture and multi-background campus would help them learn more about the real world and under-stand different people, which is essential for the education of future leaders. Peking University, through the national Poverty Area Assistant Plan and Peking University Dream Plan, admit hundreds of undergraduates from rural and remote areas each year. Generally, about 20% of students in Peking University are from low-income families, and highly affected by family economic conditions during the process of learning.

We believe that every student in Peking University should have the equal right to enjoy the high-level education opportunities, which should not be changed due to family economic conditions. Future Leaders Scholarship would provide the comprehensive support especially for those coming from low-income families after their entrance, to ensure that they could equally and fully enjoy the educational resources of Peking University, eliminate their worries on economic conditions, and encourage them to take full advantage of their youth time and wholeheartedly engage in learning, scientific research, communication and practice; the Scholarship would provide the necessary foundation for the excellent students to chase the dream.

Each donation of one endowment is RMB 300,000 (or in the equivalent dollar amount), with the same amount matched by the university, the principal would be RMB 600,000, and the earnings from which would be taken as the scholarship for one student. Each scholarship (RMB 30,000/student) would be used to constantly support one student from entrance to graduation, and students from low-in-come families would have the priority to enjoy this scholarship.

The endowment will last forever with PKU’s education. As a permanent fund, the scholarship would subsidize freshmen when the former awardees graduate, and continue to guard and promote the development of the youth of another class. The endowment, together with the lofty educational undertakings of Peking University, would maintain youth forever, and continue to support students from generation to generation.

Each endowment and scholarship would be named after the donor as recognition of the gift.