Prof. Leo KoGuan Visits Peking University and Meets with Leo KoGuan Scholarship Recipients

November 21, 2019

|San Francisco

On November 21, 2019, Prof. Leo KoGuan,Chairman of the Leo KoGuan Foundation, Founder and Chairman of Software House International, and Honorary Trustee of Peking University, visited Peking University and met with Leo KoGuan Scholarshiprecipients.

Before the meeting, Prof. Shuiping Qiu, Chairman of the University Council, met with Prof. Leo KoGuanand expressedgratitude toProf. Leo for his continuous support to the University. Prof. Qiu noted that the great changes of Peking University could not have been made without the support from all walks of lives, especially from friends like Prof. Leo. Prof. Qiu reviewed outstanding achievements the university has made in discipline construction, faculty and student development, and international reputationin recent years, and expressed his expectation to work with Prof. Leo to build a better university in the future. Prof. Leo said that he was closely connected with Peking University and had many warm memories there over the past years;hewas delighted to see the great changes of Peking University and willing to continue to support its development in the future.

Prof. Qiu Shuiping and Prof. Leo KoGuan

Mr. Yuning Li, Secretary-General of Peking University Education Foundation, thankedProf. Leo for his long-standing friendship with Peking University. As Mr. Li commented, “entering the new era, we face new opportunities and challenges. We have never been closer to our dream of building a world-class university”. Mr. Li hoped to create a better future for education and the world with the support and encouragement of Prof. Leo, and the scholarship winners wouldcarry forward the spirit of Prof. Leo, actively pursue their dreams, learn to share and live up to the best expectation from Prof. Leo.

Mr. Yuning Li, Secretary-General of Peking University Education Foundation

Ms. Runrun Yang, Representative of Peking University Leo KoGuan Scholarship Recipients, talked about her experience of learning at Peking University and working as a volunteer. She said that Prof. Leo’s love for education, support to the young generation and strong sense of social responsibility are the inspiration and guidance for all scholarship awardees. She also mentioned that the support of Prof. Leo has lighted up their college life, and they would try their best to contribute to society.

Ms. Runrun Yang, Representative of Peking University Leo KoGuan Scholarship Recipients

Prof. Leo talked about his intention of setting up the Scholarship and recited an original poemaccompanied by Chinese zither music, and shared his thinking on “Dao”.Prof. Leo was born in Indonesia, and as an overseas Chinese, he was determined to make a differencewhen he was a little kid.He has been trying to help promote Chinese culture and the harmony of Eastern and Westerncivilization. “I’d like to see we have good government, good leaders and good people, so Chinese people don’t have to leave their hometown, and that’s my motivation”, said Prof. Leo.Prof. Leo also described his will to build a society where everyone can get free education and healthcare, and achieve dreams as expected. He encouraged the students to achieve their personal goals and dreams in life, and give back to society when they were able to do it. As he said, “I hope that someday when you have the money to donate, you will do it voluntarily, because you will remember somebody in the universe has helped you, and you would like to do the same thing”. After the speech, Prof. Leo and the scholarship awardees had an enthusiastic discussion on Chinese culture and other topics.

Prof. Leo KoGuan, Chairman of the Leo KoGuan Foundation, Founder and Chairman of Software House International and Honorary Trustee of Peking University

Mr. Zhi Fan, Deputy Director of Peking University Department of Student Affairs, Ms. Jingyi Yao, Associate Dean of Peking University School of Government and Ms. Lynn Zhao, President of Peking University Education Foundation (USA), attended the meeting.

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