Washington DC Alumni Association

Brief Introduction:

The Peking University Alumni Association of the Greater Washington DC metropolitan area (PUAA-DC) was established in 1993 as a non-profit voluntary membership organization and was granted a 501C tax-exempt status in 1998. The PUAA-DC is committed to serving the interest of Peking University and its alumni in the Washington DC metropolitan area. Ever since its establishment, the organization has striven in the nation’s capital to enhance the reputation of Peking University, to facilitate, sponsor and organize educational, social, and recreational programs for alumni and their families in the Washington DC metropolitan area, to assist the Peking University North-America education Foundation to raise funds, and to promote educational and cultural exchanges between China and the United States.

Website: www.puaa-dc.org

President’s Information:

Name: 李叶青(Yeqing (Victor) Li)

Years of Enrollment: 1988-1992

Email: yeqing.li@gmail.com

Name: 陈韧(Ren Chen)

Years of Enrollment: 1997-2001

Email: renchen@gmail.com

Name: 吕枚(Mei Lu)

Years of Enrollment: 1986-1990

Email: mei_luu@yahoo.com