Southern California Alumni Association

Brief Introduction:

Peking University Alumni Association of Southern California (PUAASC) was founded in Los Angeles, California in 1985. Currently it has about 700 registered members. The primary objectives of PUAASC are:
1. To promote the welfare of Peking University (PKU) by facilitating academic, cultural, business and educational exchange and cooperation with the research, educational, cultural, business and other institutions in Southern California.
2. To strengthen connections among Peking University alumni residing in Southern California; and to provide financial and other necessary support to PUAASC members, their families and friends who suffer from unexpected causalities or otherwise need emergent assistance.
3. To establish and maintain cooperative relationships with Chinese communities, Asian communities, and all other ethnic communities in Southern California; and to encourage our alumni to participate in community activities in order to promote the welfare of the entire society.


President’s Information:

Name: 潘青青(Katie Qingqing Pan)

Year of Enrollment & Department: 1989, Law