2015 Annual Report

PKUEF (USA) received a total of $4.45 million from 313 gifts in 2015. The majority of the donation contributes to scholarships, research funds, faculty development, campus construction and international exchanges.

In 2015, large donations are mainly contributed by foundations. The total amount of large transactions accounts for 90.46% of the annual donation. On the other hand, 5.94% of the total amount are donated by corporations, and the rest comes from alumni, friends and other individuals. Donations received by PKUEF (USA) in 2015 were mainly used for faculty development which accounts for 56.72% of the total gifts. Besides that, scholarships and research funding are the two major areas, which make up 24.31% and 10.67% of the total amount separately. PKUEF (USA) continued to receive generous support from Leo KoGuan Foundation, J.T. Tai & Co. Foundation, Golden Agri International, Qualcomm, Choong & Hsia Foundation and Xin Cheng Foundation. Jones Day Foundation provided significant support to education funds.

In 2015, PKUEF (USA) managed 51 scholarship programs, and provided scholarships or financial aids to 948 students. The recipients are mainly the students from Peking University. Other recipients include students from China Foreign Affairs University, Zhejiang Shuren University, Shanghai Institute for International Studies, South China Normal University, Sichuan University Jinjiang College and Lhasa Middle School in Tibet. In 2015, PKUEF (USA) established 4 new scholarship programs:Lee Sen Lin Scholarship, Chicago Alumni Association Scholarship, Lee Long Tang-Du Shu Min Scholarship and EECSPKU Qualcomm Scholarship. After BAA Houston Scholarship set up an endowment fund in 2014, PKUAA S. CA achieved fundraising goal at its 30th anniversary by May 2015, and successfully set the PKUAA S. CA scholarship endowment.

In 2015, PKUEF (USA) managed 13 faculty awarding programs. Among them, J.T. Tai & Co. Foundation generously raised additional capital to establish Shuhsi Hsu Chair Professorship of Political Science. Gifts through endowed chairs and faculty development funds allow PKU to recruit and retain highly talented faculty, and thus help to sustain its foundation of excellence.

In 2015, PKUEF (USA) managed 25 programs to support multidisciplinary teaching and research, including a new faculty program named Jones Day Globalization and Rule of Law Fund. Every college, department and program has specific needs that are critical to its future success. Donors can provide enormous support to a wide variety of academic programs at Peking University.

In 2015, PKUEF (USA) managed 2 International exchange funds. PKUEF (USA) continued to work for better exchange and understanding between US and China, particularly in education and culture sectors.

In 2015, PKUEF (USA) managed 5 projects for improving the quality of campus infrastructure. With the bounteous support from our donors, we are able to support PKU in upgrading its teaching facilities, laboratories and libraries. We would like to take this opportunity to extend our heartfelt gratitude to all our alumni and friends for your generous donations and encouraging support.