2014 Annual Report

PKUEF (USA) received a total of $4.1962 million from 374 gifts in 2014. Major areas of contributions included scholarships, research funds, faculty development, campus construction and international exchanges.

In 2014, foundations remained as the source of our biggest donations, accounting for 41.55% of the total gifts. Donations from alumni accounted for 7.01% of the total. Other sources included individuals and corporations. Research funding and scholarships remained as two areas for major donations, accounting for 57.3% and 33.34% of the total gifts.

In 2014, PKUEF (USA) managed 47 scholarship programs and provided scholarships or financial aids to 931 students. The recipients were mainly students at Peking University. Other recipients included students at China Foreign Affairs University, Zhejiang Shuren University, Shanghai Institute for International Studies, South China Normal University, Sichuan University Jinjiang College and Lhasa Middle School in Tibet. In 2014, PKUEF (USA) established 9 new scholarship programs:Zhou Qifeng Scholarship, Choong-Hsia Weinberg Scholarship, Qualcomm Scholarship, Madam Alice Ah-Chiu Wang Scholarship, Lin Hongyun Vivian Thurston Scholarship for Sociology Student, Li Funing Foreign Language and Literature Fund, Lv Lin Scholarship Fund, Post-Doc Fellowship and 1986 CS Fund.

In 2014, PKUEF (USA) sustained 12 faculty programs, which provided essential support for extraordinary PKU teachers. Gifts through endowed chairs and faculty development funds allow PKU to recruit and retain highly talented faculty, and thus help to sustain its foundation of excellence.

In 2014, PKUEF (USA) managed 24 programs to support multidisciplinary teaching and research. Every college, department and program has specific needs that are critical to its future success. Donors can provide enormous support to a wide variety of academic programs at Peking University.

In 2014, PKUEF (USA) continued to work for better exchange and understanding between US and China, particularly in education and culture sectors. International exchange funds include J. T. Tai Higher Education International Exchange Program and PKU-GT-Emory Biomedical Engineering joint PhD program.

In 2014, PKUEF (USA) managed 5 projects for improving the quality of campus infrastructure. With the bounteous support from our donors, we are able to support PKU in upgrading its teaching facilities, laboratories and libraries. We would like to take this opportunity to extend our heartfelt gratitude to all our alumni and friends for your generous donations and enthusiastic support.