2013 Annual Report

PKUEF (USA) received a total of $3.15 million from 475 gifts in 2013. Major areas of contributions include scholarships, research funds, faculty development, campus construction and international exchanges.

In 2013, foundations remain as the source of our biggest donations, accounting for 41.5% of the total gifts. Donations from alumni account for 16.29% of the total, marking a significant increase compared with last year. Other sources include individuals and corporations. Research funding and Scholarships remained as two areas for major donations, accounting for 50.4% and 33.54% of the total gifts. Infrastructure construction support increased to 7.8%.

In 2013, PKUEF (USA) managed 41 scholarship programs and provided scholarships or financial aids to more than 910 students. The recipients are mainly students at Peking University. Other recipients include students at China Foreign Affairs University, Zhejiang Shuren University, Shanghai Institute for International Studies, South China Normal University, Sichuan University Jinjiang College and Lhasa Middle School in Tibet. In 2013, PKUEF (USA) established 6 new scholarship programs:Min Weifang Scholarship, Liu Naili Scholarship, 1987 Biology Fund, Dallas Beiyi Alumni Scholarship, Shen keqi Scholarship and Chen Huxiong Physics Education Fund.

In 2013, PKUEF (USA) received donations to 11 programs, which provide essential support for extraordinary PKU teachers. The 11th awarding ceremony of Paul Shin-Piaw Choong Educational Fund for Physics was held at Peking University together with the 7th awarding ceremony of Choong-Chen Yu-Lan Education Fund on May 17th, 2013. Mr. Philip Choong, initiator of the fund declared the establishment of three new awards intended to support faculty members and students researching on energy and nuclear physics at Peking University.

In 2013, PKUEF (USA) managed 18 programs to support multidisciplinary teaching and research. The IDG McGovern Institute for Brain Research at PKU was established with contributions from Mr. Patrick J. McGovern, the founder and chairman of International Data Group. Ever since its establishment two years ago, the institute has attracted numerous talents overseas and published many high-quality papers in internationally recognized academic journals, demonstrating the farseeing vision of the founders.

PKUEF (USA) continues to further promote the exchange and understanding between US and China, particularly in education and culture sectors in 2013. The Global Alumni Summit of the 10th Forum for American/Chinese Exchange at Stanford was successfully held at the Standard Center at Peking University from April 12th to 14th, 2013. Co-sponsored by Peking University Education Foundation and J.T. Tai & Co. Foundation Inc. in New York, the summit aims at promoting the exchange between elites from both China and the United States, connecting outstanding FACES alumni in the past 10 years, and enhancing the mutual understanding between the young people.

In 2013, PKUEF (USA) managed 3 projects for improving the quality of campus infrastructure. The Florence Fang Building for the School of Chinese as a Second Language was completed at Peking University with a ceremony on October 10th, 2013. The building will serve as the place for teaching, research and group activities for overseas students and Chinese counterparts at PKU.

We would like to take this opportunity to extend our heartfelt gratitude to all our alumni and friends for your generous donations and enthusiastic support.