2008 Annual Report

In the exceptional year of 2008, Peking University celebrated its 110th anniversary, hosted the Olympic Table Tennis Games and devoted itself to relieving the disastrous earthquake in China. It is with your support that the PKUEF (USA) has energetically backed these achievements and functions. We wish to extend to you our sincerest gratitude and highest respect.

Peking University Education Foundation (USA) is proud to report the substantial increase in both donation amount and number of donors in 2008. We received a record high of donations and a record number of gifts in 2008.

By December 31, PKUEF(USA) acquired a total of $5,062,600 in donations from 847 gifts, with a growth of 54.9% in donation total and had nearly tripled in donor number from 2007. Individuals and foundations are the major contributors. The gross amount of gifts from individual is $2,589,700, accounting for 51.1% of the total. Gifts from the foundations provide a total of $1,825,600, which is 36.1% of the total number.

Donations received by PKUEF (USA) were mainly distributed to campus improvement, research programs and community&public benefits, which makes up 62%, 19% and 10% of the total amount respectively.

Major contributions in 2008include: $2.1 million from PKU’s Honorary Trustee, Madam Florence Lee Fang; $1.36 million from the New Jersey based Leo Koguan Foundation; $300,000 from the New York based J.T. Tai& Co. Foundation, Inc; $220,000 from Mrs. Helen Woo in Los Angeles, daughter of late Mr. Tinn Hugh Yu, a forerunner professor in sociology at Peking University in the 1920s; $157,400 from the Georgia Tech Foundation; $145,773 from Mr. Chen Hong andMrs. Liu Lynn and $120,000 from Mr. and Mrs. FrankyWidjaja.

In 2008, PKUEF (USA) granted funding to 41 educational programs, including 25 scholarships, 12 research and training programs and4 programs forcampus improvement.A total of 821 students and teachers received direct support from the grants.

On May 12, 2008, a disastrous8.0 magnitude earthquake hit Sichuan, China. The deadly earthquake took ten thousands of lives and left millions homeless. In order to help the numerous school children affected by the catastrophe, Peking University Education Foundation (USA) initiated the China Earthquake Relief Fund and won wide support from our alumni and friendsimmediately. All the gifts to this program will be used in the earth quake area for disaster relief and school rebuilding.

We would like to take this opportunity to extend our heartfelt gratitude to all our alumni and friends for your generous donations and enthusiastic support. It is our sincere wish to have your continued partnership, and we sincerely welcome your comments and suggestions.