2004 Annual Report

During the 2004 year, the Peking University Education Foundation(USA) had received $480,000 from 46 individuals and organizations, remarkably more than 2003, with $366,000 of three newly established foundations and one set up in 2002 included.

Mr. & Mrs. Mo-Jen Wang and An-Yi Zhou from San Francisco contributed $100,000 to establish “Peking University Dept. of Chinese Language & Literature Novel Prize Scholarship” in Aug, 2004, which is used to encourage students with achievements on novel writing. The first bounty will be awarded in autumn of 2005. The scholarship offers a stage for those who resolve on literature to perform and develop.

Dr. Alice C. Tang, the deputy of the American Sun Yat-Sen Spartucus Charitable Remainder Unitrust from Los Angeles In Aug, 2004, donate $140,000 to establish “Peking University Tang Chuanji Professor Endowment Fund” to support the research on Chinese traditional culture in Peking University. Mr. Tang Yijie, the famous learner, as the first professor, received the additional research financial endowment in late 2004. Special committee will be founded by eminent learners from every liberal department, to make sure the fund well utilized.

In Dec, Sang S. Wang & Janet Chia-Rong Wang from San Francisco contributed $100,000 to support the teaching and research of Guanghua School of management, encouraging students with innovating ability and cosmopolitan view under the circumstance of global competition.

Mr. & Mrs. Philip and Shaw –Lwan Hsia Choong continued to contribute to the Choong Shin- Piaw Physics Education Fund $23,000, which was set up in 2001 and totaling over $128,200 so far to prize those who dedicated in physics teaching and scientific research.

The PKUEF(USA) had received $80,000 used on scholarships and stipends, from Tai Foundation, GE Foundation and some other friends, generally equivalent with the programs in 2003.

Some other contributing programs were to support scientific research of certain departments. Besides, donations for the annual “Love Beida” program were received from 19 schoolfellows.

In addition, the “Peking University Olympic Ping-pong Gymnasium” program began to gain attentions with donations from a few friends to support building gymnasium and contribute to salute the XXIX Olympic Games in 2008.