2003 Highlights

1. The First Peking University Alumni Associations Conference in the United States was held successfully in Jun, 2003, and the League of Peking University Alumni Associations in the United States was established as well with the draft of its constitution. The Second Peking University Alumni Associations Conference in the United States would be held in Washington. The conference was supported by PKUEF(USA).pictures

2. During the year 2003, the PKUEF(USA) received a total donation of $150,000, from 187 individuals and organizations. The main part came from J. T. Tai & Co. Foundation, Inc. with $50,000 and Mr. & Mrs. Philip and Shaw –Lwan Hsia Choong with $30,000. The donation also contained an amount of $20,000 for the Peking University Fight SARS Fund, a scholarship of $20,000 from GE foundation, and beneficence from alumni and friends on PKU scholarship and stipend program.

3. Mr. & Mrs. Philip and Shaw –Lwan Hsia Choong visited Peking University, and attended the First Choong Fund Awarding Conference in Oct, 2003. 26 undergraduates and graduates won the dissertation award. Prof. Phil Choong congratulated the winners and hoped them to make more progress. The dean of School of Physics acknowledged that the fund offered a helpful promotion for research and encouraged the students’ enthusiasm to take part in scientific study.

4.GE foundation made a pledge to offer scholarships totaling $60,000, $20,000 per year. In the 2002-2003 academic year, 40 students got the scholarship with $500 apiece over the next three years.

5.Henry s. & Lisa Chang, the alumni graduating in 1992, contributed $1,250 for the freshmen who had trouble in paying the tuition fees.

6.Wu Xiangjun & Lu Xueling, friends from Taiwan, offered $1,250 for students enrolled in 2003 to accomplish their learning as economic assistance or honor their remarkable achievements.

7.Edward Liu (刘汉忠), the chairman of Chinese- American Science and Technology Advancement Foundation (CAS– TAF) in Los Angeles, and Li- Jean Wang (王丽真), the vice- chairman and one of the alumni, visited Peking University in Oct, 2003. With the help of the Office of Student Affairs, they had a talk with the students and realized that some students had troubles in paying schooling. After the visit, the CAS- TAF decided to donate $10,000 for students with heavy load of tuition fees as stipends, among whom those from country and backland would be considered first. 12 students obtained the contribution. The CAS- TAF also showed appreciation on what the PKUEF had done on helping troubled students.

8.Peking University Education Foundation (USA) sent “ Call for Donation to SARS Fund ” letters in English and Chinese through alumni associations to Peking University alumni.

9.Dr. Richard Lee`77 helped to get connection with his mentor, Prof. Vernon L. Smith, the winner of Nobel Prize on economics in 2002, to give a lecture in Peking University.