2000-2001 Highlights

Donation News:

In year 2000, at the beginning of PEUEF (USA), it received a total of $12,100.00 donation from 2 alumni and friends of Peking University. The major donations included the following:

1. Mr. Alan D. Bickell donated one hundred shares of HP stock, valued at approximately $10,100, to open our stock brokerage account with Charles Schwab.

2. Ms. Betty Xudong Shi ’62 donated $2,000 to support the daily operation of PKUEF (USA).

3. The David and Lucile Packard Foundation generously provided the legal fees for obtaining the non-profit public charity status for PKUEF (USA).

4. Ms. Barbara Wright, partner of Finch, Montgomery & Wright, carried out the legal work for obtaining the non-profit public charity status for PKUEF (USA).

During 2001, PEUEF (USA) had received a total of $43,943.88 in donations from 165 alumni and friends of Peking University, as well as corporate grants. The major donations include the following:

1. On April 14th, Southern California PKU Alumni Association and San Diego PKU Alumni Association co-held a fund-raising banquet in Los Angeles to welcome PKU delegation and celebrate the founding of PKUEF (USA). We received donations of $27,400 in total from 54 people.
2. Mr. & Mrs. Duanzhi Wen ’62 and Naili Liu ’63 donated $6,400 to install chairs in a library reading room.
3. Mr. & Mrs. Zhenyi Zheng and Li-Jean Wang ’57, donated $6,800 to support PKU’s scholarship fund for students.

Celebration Events:

To celebrate the founding of PKUEF (USA), Peking University President Xu Zhi-Hong hosted a banquet on April 16th, 2001 in San Francisco with 240 local dignitaries attending. The Mayor of San Francisco, Willie Brown, congratulated the University and proclaimed the 16th of April officially “Xu Zhi-Hong Day”.

Celebration of the establishment of the Foundation was also held in the United Nations Headquarters in New York on April 18th 2001. PKUEF (USA) was granted the honor of being the first educational institution to hold an event in the United Nations. Mr. Kofi Annan sent a letter of congratulation and speeches were made by Under-Secretaries-General Jin Yongjian and Jayantha Dhanapala.