PKUEF (USA) Flintstone Donor Event Held

August 19, 2021

|San Francisco|

8月13日下午,北京大学教育基金会(美国)于加州旧金山湾区中半岛希尔斯堡 (Hillsborough) 的“摩登原始人屋” (Flintstone House) 成功举办捐赠人交流及答谢活动。摩登原始人屋的主人是北京大学名誉校董、北京大学教育基金会(美国)理事、知名侨领方李邦琴女士。经过方女士的精心设计,摩登原始人屋已成为湾区280高速公路上的一处著名景观。
On the afternoon of August 13, Peking University Education Foundation (USA) successfully held a donor event at the Flintstone House in Hillsborough, San Francisco Bay Area, California. The Flintstone House is owned by Mrs. Florence Fang, an honorary trustee of Peking University, board director of Peking University Education Foundation (USA), and a well-known overseas Chinese. After the meticulous decoration by Mrs. Fang, the Flintstone House has become a famous landscape on Interstate 280 in the Bay Area.

Approximately 30 alumni and friends of Peking University attended the event. As the moderator of the event and the secretary of PKUEF (USA), Ms. Mandy Lai gave the opening speech and welcomed all the guests. Ms. Lai also thanked the host, Mrs. Fang, for providing the beautiful Flintstone House for this event.

During the event, Mrs. Fang shared her story with Peking University over the past 20 years and introduced the donation projects she supported and were carried out in Peking University, including the Florence Lee Fang Building and Florence Fang Library of Humanities Fund. Mrs. Fang pointed out that Peking University has always been an important window for China’s opening up. It is a platform and a bridge for eastern and Western civilizations to meet and interact. Adhering to the concept of a community with a shared future for humanity, Peking University students and alumni have been dedicated to building a bridge of communication and cooperation between China and the United States.

The Flintstone House is a symbol of childhood dreams for Mrs. Fang. Its design and specialization in various details and ingenuity all adhere to blending Eastern and Western cultures. The lawsuit between Mrs. Fang and the city government over the Flintstone House is a practice of Mrs. Fang’s brave fight for the rights and interests of the Chinese-Americans.

On behalf of PKUEF (USA), Volunteer Mr. Huaixi Li expressed sincere appreciation for the support towards PKUEF (USA) from the donors, former staff, and Mrs. Fang over the years.

The Project Assistant of PKUEF (USA) Ms. Eleana Hai shared the data on the foundation’s received donations, donation agreements, and grants since the foundation’s establishment. Ms. Hai also introduced the six categories of donation projects, project amount, and implementation status. Referring to the category of Voluntary Services, Eleana reported on the outcomes of the Wuhan Relief Aid and COVID-19 Relief Aid launched by the foundation last year. Speaking of International Exchanges Project, Eleana introduced the Peking University International Exchange and Cooperation Fund established by the foundation based on its founding purpose.


The guests introduced themselves in the interactive session and shared their donation experiences at PKUEF (USA) and the significance of the projects they had supported. At the end of the event, PKUEF (USA) expressed gratitude to Mrs. Fang, the donors and alumni for sharing their wonderful stories. PKUEF (USA) also called on everyone to continue to pay attention and contribute to the long-term development of Peking University and China-U.S. relations.

文字:Eleana Hai

摄影:Lauren Krueger

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