Beyond Music: Peking University 120th Anniversary Gala Concert will be held on May 13, 2018 in New York City

April 9, 2018

| Sharon Liao, Lynn Zhao

Embracing the University’s 120th birthday, Peking University Education Foundation (USA) will host Beyond Music: Peking University 120th Anniversary Gala Concert at Alice Tully Hall of Lincoln Center in New York City, inviting all friends and alumni to join on May 13 for the grand celebration and to make their best wishes to the 120th anniversary of the University.

Performances of Yellow River Piano Concerto by YIN Chengzong (external link)

Performance of Houtu by Peking University Chinese Orchestra (external link)

In 1898, taking on the national expectation of “people of talent shall come forth to pull together in times of trouble”, Peking University was founded in need in that historical moment. During the past 120 years, Peking University never forgets its glorious tradition of “Patriotism, Advancement, Democracy and Science”, and has always been striving to explore a path with Chinese characteristics, to create and develop new Chinese culture, and to become a significant pioneer in driving China’s modernization based on its enterprising spirit.

Not only a leading power of critical social transformations in modern Chinese history, Peking University has long committed to bridging the communication and exchange between Eastern and Western cultures.

For this concert, Peking University Chinese Orchestra and an Orchestra from Columbia University will together dedicate a splendid performance in folk music based on the profound Chinese traditional culture and the rhythm of this new era, to promote the friendship and understanding among Chinese and American youth, and to further enhance the cultural and people-to-people exchange between the two countries.

Founded in 1922, Peking University Orchestra was led by CAI Yuanpei, then President of Peking University. It is one of the top university orchestras in China.

Student Orchestra from Columbia University

Programming List

First Half

渔舟唱晚 | Yu Zhou Chang Wan
Singing Fisherman Returning in the Twilight
Guzheng Concerto
Guzheng Player | LI Pai

良宵与光明行 | Liangxiao and Guangming Xing
A Beautiful Night and Towards a Bright Future
Composer | LIU Tianhua

梁祝 | Liang Zhu
Butterfly Lovers
Liuqin and Piano Concerto
Composer | HE Zhanhao and CHEN Gang
Liuqin Player | YU Jie
* By Peking University Chinese Orchestra
& the Orchestra from Columbia University

Second Half

黄河 | Yellow River Piano Concerto
Pianist | YIN Chengzong

后土 | Houtu
Queen of the Earth
Composer | TANG Jianping
* By Peking University Chinese Orchestra
& the Orchestra from Columbia University

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