Founder’s Message

On behalf of PKUEF (USA), I am honored to express our deep appreciation to all individuals, corporations and foundations that have been made their exceptional contributions to our foundation. Together with many friends, I have witnessed the development since the foundation’s establishment in 2001. We continue to be grateful for, and humbled by, all the firm commitment to the growth of PKUEF (USA) and PKU, as well as the promotion of cultural and people-to-people exchange between the U.S. and China.

For the past decades, PKUEF (USA) was able to expand support of PKU’s people and programs, and continues to break our own records in raising funds. Behind the numbers is the tremendous care and concern about the University from all our alumni and friends. The scholarships established have greatly enhanced and enriched the learning experience and made it possible for every needy and worthy student to finish their study. The endowed professorships and fellowships have allowed PKU to attract and retain top-notch educators and researchers around the world. The generous donations toward the infrastructure have greatly improved the conditions for teaching and research and brought new vigor to the PKU campus.

The past years have been exciting and memorable. Our foundation has moved steadily towards professionalization, standardization, and institutionalization, well on its way of becoming a vital partner in PKU’s mission of building into a world-class university and promoting the U.S.-China cultural and people-to people exchange. These achievements are made possible only with the trust, generosity and participation of all friends and alumni.

As we look ahead to the future, we are fully aware that we face both challenges and opportunities. In the years to come, we will continue to explore opportunities for collaboration between PKU and the world, transform each of the gifts to the difference on the lives, dreams and accomplishments of the people of PKU, so as to further promote the cooperation and communication between the U.S. and China. Yet with all the warmth and encouragement, we believe we will achieve more and make more differences in the future!

Min, Weifang
Founder and Vice-Chairman
Peking University Education Foundation (USA)