Peking University 120th Anniversary Fund



Project Mission

– To support Peking University (PKU) students who come from financially difficult family with overseas exchange opportunity as a special public welfare fund, thus to help PKU cultivate future leaders, promote cultural and people-to-people exchange between China and the United States, and enhance the mutual understanding and friendship between the young students from the two countries.

– To fund “China Roots Trip” – PKU Children Summer Camp Program to help overseas Chinese-American teenagers enhance their understanding of China and raise their interest in learning Chinese language and culture by inviting them to visit their motherland and ancestral home, to learn, to communicate, and to retouch their roots.


Giving Plan

PKU Students’ Overseas Exchange Program: Providing financial support for PKU undergraduates, especially those who have financially difficult background, to visit the United States for activities such as international academic exchanges or short-term study tours, etc. The funding quota depends on the actual needs of certain activity. Taking a 10-day short-term study tour as an example, per capita subsidy amount is $4,000 (including international round-trip flight tickets and accommodation within the United States).

China Roots Trip Program: Providing financial support for Chinese-American teenagers to visit China for study tours. The funding quota depends on the actual need of certain program.

Ways of Giving

Annual gift or endowment fund

Donor Recognition

– For any gift that reaches a certain amount, it could be named according to the donor’s instruction, i.e. “Peking University 120th Anniversary Fund – *** Scholarship”.

– For gifts that do not reach the certain amount, they shall be generally names as “Peking University 120th Anniversary Fund – Yanyuan Soar Scholarship”.

Program Establishment

Peking University Education Foundation (USA) will sign the donation agreement(s) with donor(s) based on bilateral negotiation; confirm the giving plans, management regulations, selection criteria and review procedures of the awarded students.

Program Implementation

The main procedures for the annual review program are as the following:

– Yearly project applications will be published on Peking University Education Foundation (USA) official website;

– Peking University Education Foundation (USA) will directly organize or authorize Peking University to organize an exclusive scholarship reviewing committee. Peking University Education Foundation (USA) will report to the donors regarding the project execution and financial status.