Dallas Alumni Association

Brief Introduction:

Dallas PKUAA was formed and reactive since year of 2002. By the end of 2005, there are about 60 active alumni members in the group. Alumni graduated from Law, English, History, Economics, Politics, Math, Physics, Chemistry, Geography, Geology, Biology, Computer Science departments etc, from early 60s’ to late 2000s’.

Dallas is the 8th biggest city in the US, with great focus on industries such as Oil & Gas, Telecommunication, High Tech, Retail etc. The Big Dallas metro area also covers Fort-Worth, with total population of 3 million people. Our PKU alumni are very successful in their careers either in big companies or personal business. Major professional areas of our alumni include IT, Real Estate, Law, Accounting, Business Analysis, Accounting, Telecommunication, Oil & Gas, Financial Service, Higher Education etc.

Major routine evens of Dallas PKUAA are two annual reunion get together for all alumni, one is around May 4th and the other party is during the holiday season. Other events include partnership with local Chinese community group for community and professional developments. Dallas PKUAA has hosted various welcome receptions for various PKU delegation teams here in Dallas, including Professor Lin, JianHau, VP of PKU, at 2002 and Professor Zheng, Xueyi, Director of Continue Education, at 2005. Our future plan for Dallas PKUAA is to foster more professional events and community activities here in the great Dallas-Fort Worth area. We plan to invite various world wide academic leaders to our local community for presentations; build stronger relationship with Peking University and other alumni association here in the United States and promote international commerce between Dallas and China. Dallas PKUAA will always be your host no matter you are from Peking University or from other US PKUAA alumni associations.

Website: dfwpku.blogspot.com

President’s Information:

Name: Dewen Hou(David Hou)

Year of Enrollment & Department: 1987 Geography

Email: houdewen@yahoo.com