2012 Annual Report

PKUEF(USA) received a total of $4.13 million from 280 gifts in 2012, increasing by 18.3% in total amount over the previous year. Major areas of contributions include scholarships, research funds, faculty development, campus construction and international exchanges.

In 2012, foundations remained as the source of our biggest donations. Donations from alumni increased year-on-year. Other sources include foundations, other individuals and corporations. Research funding and scholarships remained as two areas for major donations, accounting for 44.82% and 26.98% of the total gifts. Faculty support increased from 8.54% to 21.21%.

In 2012, PKUEF (USA) managed 44 scholarship programs and provided scholarships or financial aids to more than 924 students. The recipients are mainly students at Peking University. Other recipients include students at China Foreign Affairs University, Zhejiang Shuren University, Shanghai Institute for International Studies, South China Normal University, Sichuan University Jinjiang College and Lhasa Middle School in Tibet. In 2012, PKUEF (USA) established 2 new scholarship programs: Medical Scholarship of Drs.Honglin Du and Xiaotang Kong and Wan and Zhang Scholarship.

In 2012, PKUEF (USA) sustains 7 faculty programs, which provide essential support for extraordinary PKU teachers. In December, with the support of Leo KoGuan Foundation, the 17th session of the “Top Ten Teachers” was selected at Peking University. Finally, eleven teachers won the honor of “Top Ten Teachers” and received the award from Leo KoGuan Foundation.

In 2012, PKUEF (USA) managed 15 programs to support multidisciplinary teaching and research. Tinn Hsiu Yu Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship in Sociology was initiated with the support of Peking University Tinn Hsiu Yu Sociology Fund. By the end of the year, the committee has carried out the appraisal of the first prize-winners. Three dissertations are“Governance under Siege: Research on Dual-formal Governance Practice at One Central China Town (1980-2009)” from Huazhong University of Science and Technology, “Early Sociology in China: A Difficult Predicament” from Nanjing University, and“The Road to ‘Russian Mind’: an Ethnography of Social Life in the Black Earth Region of Russia” from Peking University. With the generous support of the Kavli Foundation, the Kavli Institute for Astronomy and Astrophysics at Peking University (KIAA-PKU) has made steady progress in education, academic activities and scientific research. In 2012, KIAA-PKU published 31 papers in academic journals and 2 conference papers.

In 2012, PKUEF (USA) worked for better exchange and understanding between US and China, particularly in education and culture sectors. In the end of June, Wallace Coulter Foundation supported students from Department of Biomedical Engineering at PKU to the Georgia Institute of Technology (GT) and Emory University (Emory) for a one-month summer internship. In 2012, Prof. Henry M. Levin, education economist from Columbia University, and Prof. Martin Carnoy from Stanford University, were invited to the School of Education at PKU with the support of J. T. Tai Foundation.

In 2012, PKUEF (USA) managed 3 projects for improving the quality of campus infrastructure. Sponsored by Mrs. Florence Fang, the honorary trustee of Peking University, the building of School of Chinese as a Second Language in Peking University is now under construction. It is located in the south of the campus, covering a floorage of 12260 square meters. The construction of Florence Fang Building will be finished in 2013.

We would like to take this opportunity to extend our heartfelt gratitude to all our alumni and friends for your generous donations and enthusiastic support.