2011 Annual Report

In 2011, PKUEF (USA) received a total of $3.493million from 218 gifts, increasing 37.5% in total amount over the previous year. Major areas of contributions include scholarships, research funds, faculty development, campus construction and international exchanges. These gifts played an important role in the development of Peking University.

Foundations remain as the source of our biggest donations, which contribute 87.45% of the total amount of voluntary support. Alumni, individuals and corporations contribute 6.44%, 3.6% and 2.5% of the total number respectively. Research funding replaces infrastructure construction as the area for major donations, accounting for 34.5% of the total gifts. Scholarships and infrastructure come as second and third, accounting for 29.2% and 21.8% respectively.

Donors of our biggest gifts are: Leo Koguan Foundation, Wallace H. Coulter Foundation, J. T. Tai &Co. Foundation, the American Sun Yat-sen Sparticus Trust, Singapore-China Foundation, Golden Agri-Resources Ltd and Chen, Hong/Liu, Lynn.

PKUEF (USA) works to support PKU in enrolling the best-gifted students and recruiting and retaining highly talented faculty. In 2011, PKUEF (USA) established 2 scholarships programs, managed 43 scholarship programs in total and provided scholarships or financial aids to 916 students. PKUEF (USA) also received donations to 6 faculty programs, which provided essential support for 20 extraordinary teachers. Peking University Scholarship Awarding Ceremony 2011 was held in the Centennial Memorial Hall on Dec.23, 2011. Mr. Chen Yigong, Treasurer of PKUEF (USA) awarded the 13 scholarships to 458 students on behalf of PKUEF (USA). The 10th anniversary of Paul Shin-Piaw Choong Educational Fund for Physics was celebrated at Peking University together with the 5th awarding ceremony of Choong-Chen Yu-Lan Educational Fund and the YKM Entrepreneurial Education Fund on May 26th, 2011. More than 600 students and 30 professors have been supported by the funds in the last ten years.

2011, PKUEF (USA) managed 15 programs to support multidisciplinary teaching and research and 4 projects for improving the quality of campus infrastructure. Besides, PKUEF (USA) lent support to many US and China communication activities and conferences for better exchange and understanding between US and China. With PKU and its alumni associations in the US, PKUEF (USA) promoted exchanges between China and the US in a more productive way. The 5th Conference of Peking University US Alumni Associations was held in New York on Dec.3rd, 2011. Prof. Zhu Shanlu, Chairman of Peking University Council, and more than 150 representatives from 14 Alumni Associations in the US attended this conference. As usual, PKUEF (USA) funded the biannual conference.

With the bounteous support from our donors, we’re able to support PKU in upgrading its infrastructure. A grand ceremony was held on June 22, 2011 at PKU to celebrate the foundation laying of Florence Lee Fang building for the PKU School of Chinese as a Second Language, which represents a new milestone for the education of Chinese language to international students and overseas learners.

We would like to take this opportunity to extend our heartfelt gratitude to all our alumni and friends for your generous donations and enthusiastic support. It is our sincere wish to have your continued partnership, and welcome your comments and suggestions.