2002 Annual Report

The Peking University Education Foundation (USA) is proud to announce that, during the period from January 1 to December 31, 2002, it received 168 donations totaling $116,000, which doubled the amount of donations in 2001. All of us at the PKUEF (USA) are most grateful to the individuals and organizations for their support.

The largest of these donations came from J. T. Tai & Co. Foundation, Inc., contributing directly to the scholarship program of the Institute of International Relations of Peking University for conducting research activities.

The second largest beneficence of $34,500 was bestowed by Philip and Shaw-lwan Choong, contributing to the Choong Shin-Piaw Physics Education Fund. This Fund is named after their father, who was an alumnus of Peking University. In 2001, the Choong Shin-Piaw Physic Education Fund was set up with an initial donation of $41,000. Mr. & Mrs. Choong decided to contribute sufficient funds to enable the Fund offering five full scholarships every year in the Physics School of Peking University.

Alumni contributions also play an important role in a wide range of donation programs. The PKUEF (USA) received over $25,000 from alumni and friends in 2002. With the support from 23 physics-major alumni who entered Peking University in 1977, the PKU Physics Education Development Fund was established in the spring of 2002. As the first endowment and to celebrate their 25th anniversary of entering Peking University, these 23 alumni of Physics School donated more than $14,000 to this fund.

Trust Fund of PUMA, a special fund, is established by graduates from PKU Mountaineering Association (PUMA) in memory of those who lost their lives during mountaineering activities in 2002. It is also intended to help their families. A total of $12,050 was donated by 133 alumni and friends.