2010 Annual Report

In 2010, PKUEF (USA) received a total of $2.541million from 251 gifts. Donations from foundations contribute 83% of the total amount of voluntary support. Donations from alumni and corporations contribute 8% and 5% of the total amount respectively. Foundations, such as Leo KoGuan Foundation, J. T. Tai & Co. Foundation and Wallace H. Coulter Foundation etc., remain as the source of our biggest donations. Golden Agri-Resources Ltd also provided considerable support to PKUEF (USA).

Donations received by PKUEF (USA) in 2010 were mainly used for infrastructure construction, scholarships, research funds, faculty support, international exchanges and voluntary services. Infrastructure, scholarship and research are the three major areas of gifts, which make up 40.34%, 39.53% and 11.92% of the total amount separately.

In 2010, PKUEF (USA) manages 48 scholarship programs, including 15 new scholarship programs, and provided scholarships or financial aids to more than 940 students. Peking University held the Scholarship Awarding Ceremony 2010 in the Centennial Memorial Hall on Dec. 17, 2010. University leaders and donors were invited to award the scholarships. A total of 2500 students were awarded on the ceremony. Mr. Chen Yigong, Treasurer of PKUEF (USA), attended the ceremony at the invitation of PKU and on behalf of PKUEF (USA). Mr. Chen presented the scholarship certificates to the representatives of students who won the scholarships.

Gifts through endowed chairs and faculty development funds allow PKU to recruit and retain highly talented faculty. In 2010, PKUEF (USA) established 2 faculty support programs, which add to the 7 faculty funds that enable us to provide awards to 19 outstanding teachers.

PKUEF (USA) also established 2 research funds and 1 exchange fund which promoted the academic construction and international cooperation of Peking University. With the sponsorship of Tinn Hsiu Yu Sociology Fund, the Department of Sociology held three seminars on several academic and policy issues. Many researchers abroad and in China are invited to the seminars. PKU Alumni Association Greater New York presented its first Weiming Forum on Nov. 9, 2010. Prof. Min Weifang, Prof. Xu Zhihong and Prof. Hai Wen joined the event and made wonderful speeches. PKUEF (USA) jointly organized Weiming Forum to create a platform for better exchanging and understanding between US and China in cultural and academic area.

In 2010, PKUEF (USA) made grants to 2 projects for campus infrastructure. The Law School building at PKU was completed on September 11, 2010 and was named as Koguan Building in recognition of the continuous support from the Leo Koguan Foundation.

We would like to take this opportunity to extend our heartfelt gratitude to all our alumni and friends for your generous donations and enthusiastic support. It is our sincere wish to have your continued partnership, and welcome your comments and suggestions.